Understanding Why Women Use Strap-Ons

When speaking to Vanilla Folks, that’s you plain-hetero people (no offense), the most common question I get asked about my sexuality is “Why do lesbian women use strap ons?” ๐Ÿ˜’ Remember, I can and will only speak on my own experiences so I’ll try to break my explanation down for you all.

Strap-Ons: A Strap-Ons, also known as a strap on dildo, is designed to be used by anyone of any gender or sexuality for sexual activities. The specific one I’ll be referring to is where there is a harness in which a dildo (separate item) can be attached to and the harness supports the insertion and/or penetration. To clarify, the dildo itself is the item that resembles a male penis or anal toy commonly used by holding it in your hands for penetration or friction, while the strap on is the holster or harness worn which can be leather, braided cotton, plush and/or velvety. A dildo can be found in many different sizes, shapes, colors, hollowed, etc. When combined with the strap on harness, your possibilities of play time vary.

As a same gender living woman, I still love penetration. Penetration is the easiest way to make me squirt; which i’ve become to love doing. However, I love women. Women aren’t equipped with penises (duh!) so if your going to have sex and incorporate penetration, a strap on is the most convenient toy to use. Some women use fingers but to be honest, that’s not always as sanitary or sufficient as you’d think it may be.

Now I know some readers may be thinking of the most common question every strap on using female hears, “So why not just fuck with a man/real dick?” I will be more than happy to tell you the most common sense answer —> we like to have sex with women and not men. It’s honestly that simple. We prefer sex with women. Yes, we know men are made with dicks. We get it! Just because we want penetration does not mean that we want to be associated with the person/body the penis comes with. Nor are some women attracted to males, point-blank.

The strap on grants a more sensual way for same gender lovers to have sex. Most straps are easy to put on and are adjustable. As the giver, aka the person wearing the strap, you are able to coordinate more position options into your sex life. You are also able to enjoy the view of the receiver in ways you may have not previously had the pleasure to see before using the toy. Strap-Ons can be a very big confidence booster for some people. The power you have in pleasuring your partner this way is pretty intense. You can control the depth and speed ways that using a different tot it fingers may not provide. You can switch the dildo within the harness for a variety of experiences. It also feels oh so good when you thrust and harness starts to rub your own genitalia. I love friction, so when I use a strap, I almost can cum by the rubbing I feel on my clitoris each time I move (which is enhanced by my VCH piercing). It’s also great for those that want body to body contact. You’re free to use your hand where in other scenarios without a strap, your fingers might be occupied and often exhausted.

As the receiver, you’ll have the chance to give your partner all of you. As a woman, it’s easy to clench your vagina (kegels, ladies!) to control how deep or hard another toy or digit(s) can go. With harness, you allow for more intimacy and room for further touch like nipple or anal play. You can also show off some new tricks and give your partner a break. My personal favorite is having my lover lay down on her back while I ride her reverse cowgirl style.

There are jock style strap-ons and harnesses. The jock style gives more comfort and control. It helps keep the dildo in its place as you continue to move. Harnesses often are very simple and easy to use but can be difficult to control as your rhythm changes.

All in all, your sexual adventures are your own to do with as you see fit. This post was written to help explain and hopefully aid some of my fellow strap on users as they attempt to tackle the question we hear so often. Please share this post with those who are not aware of the simple idea that we can like penetration and it doesn’t matter if we prefer it to not come from men. lol I’m infatuated by a woman’s body and having my lover pleasure me the way I like without changing who she is.

enjoy my sensual sinners!



are you satisfied ? 
for months now, my cup has been full. you have supplied me with enough to quench my thirst. my heart does this tug and pull. and I only wish that you’d fall in love with me first. I’m satisfied and very intriguedby the way you’ve conquered my heart. your aura & smile keeps me pleased. we’ve been inseparable from the start. 

I’ve taken into consideration the crazy I supply. asking questions and being hella sly. 

but I have one more inquiry, from a worried blinds eye …. 

have I been misinterpreting your happiness or are you satisfied? 

many women love your entertainment. I can’t blame them. however, do you find a need to search in these other girls for yours? because at times I feel I am not enough under your arrangement. 
I don’t speak falsely when I tell you I’m yours. because of you, I breathe happiness and smile from my pores. but to discover you make some others feel intimate in the same way, keeps me wondering if I’m not whole enough for your time and days. 
are you satisfied ?

if not please tell me. 

My patience is devoted to you and your space. we won’t jump into a relationship when you need to remain at this pace. but my feelings should also be taken into consideration. i shouldn’t have to ask. 
do you want to see us together? or are you building a line up of options and I’m last?

it’s not that I’m insecure, it’s just repetition. and I’ll admit you treat me like a queen, so I’m not worried about that. what worries me is that behind some screen, someone else might also feel like that. 
I’ve taken into consideration the crazy I supply. asking questions and being hella sly. 

but I have one more inquiry, from a worried blinds eye …. 

am I misinterpreting your happiness or 

are you unsatisfied? 


You Fill Me.ย 

I don’t know what to make of this. I don’t know how to interpret or explain my feelings. 

since the first day I saw you, it all became real. you were all I wanted. and when I’m with you, I’m whole. 

You fill me with drive. However, I can never get enough. You make love to me with such exhausting power, but I am insatiable. We fuck with such passion, it fuels an everlasting torch. 

All I know is that I don’t want it to end. 

Freaky Fetish or Nah ?ย 

Fetish: a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.
Or in my head .. โ€” a strong & unusual need or desire for something.

Sexual Fetishism or Erotic Fetishism exists in everyone in some way or another. Every sexually active person has their own unique or personal preference for sex that you desire. You may or may not particularly express this often but you do. It doesn’t have to be some weird shit like getting fucked in a clown suit, but can be as simple as sweating during sex or feet (which we commonly hear of). That desire for that specific thing develops into a fascination in the bedroom, and sometimes out of it.

A misconception is that fetishes are always required in the bedroom. Hella false! A fetish can either be present always or less often. It all varies. Some fetishes are more common and easily accessible or played out than others. Some take so much work to make happen that when you execute it in the bedroom, you’re satisfied until next time. There are people who have a foot fetish who can only cum after they’ve done their share of sucking toes.ย Then, there are some people like me who have a fetish with friction and just love to rub and be touched on by everything.

Part of the reason why we have these fetishes is because of the way our sensory glands are set up. Our sensory regions in the brain for our genitals and such lie next to our feet, toes, and legs regions. Therefore, it’s common for your body to be triggered with horny feelings when you interact with these parts of the body. I have a foot phobia so I think y’all mothafuckas who like that shit are weirdos but no shade! To each his own. ๐Ÿ˜‚ However, for the more outlandish fetishes like adult babies or swingers, humans are curious creatures who tend to recreate a comfortable scenario like childhood or invest time into their curious thoughts and find fascinating pleasure with others.

I truly feel everyone should just take the damn time to discover their fetish and act on it some time. You only have one life to explore this God-given Earth. Go do some freaky shit and find what little thing might be your fetish. If you can’t figure one out, I’ll follow up with another post once I delve deeper into my friction fetish. Y’all are more than welcome to live vicariously through me and my sex life. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰ So enjoy my sensual sinners….

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Lingerie Lifestyle: Backless Panties

I love me some lingerie.

It’s something about the femininity of lingerie that appeals me. How exclusively they fit and flaunt my curves that excites me. Not to mention how adorn I am when someone special sees me in them. Every lady likes a nice pair of panties along with a favorite bra style. However, backless panties?! These bad boys are the real deal.

photo owned by NaughtyIsNatural


Let me break this sexy down for you. Backless panties pretty much always resemble the photo posted. Some have less design. Some have more. Some simply outline the ass, which is hella sexy. Some provide some fancy webbing. They come in a variety of colors, with the bow, without a bow… etcetera, etcetera. The unique thing about these beauties is simply that there is forever easy access to the ass. I think this is dope being that I am a fan of having my booty eaten like groceries. (Shoutout to Jhenรฉ Aiko’s fine ass.) It also leaves very little effort to slide the panties to the side and proceed to the vagina, which I also love. For those horny people like me who get so turned on they fuck with panties on sometimes, these definitely aid in the process.

photo owned by NaughtyIsNatural


Ladies, add these to your sexy list of things to wear for your partner. Fellas, trust me when I say these are an unbelievable sight to see on a partner of your choice. Enjoy!